Magento Upgrades

Update Your Software to the Latest Version

How the Upgrades are Performed:

Our team of Magento experts is available to upgrade your current installation of Magento Community, Professional or Enterprise Edition, leaving you time to focus on your store. Magento upgrades are administered in a development staging environment before implementation to your live environment. This is done so compatibility can be validated without affecting your live environment.

  • An independent working replica of your production site is created. No extensions, third party scripts, or theme files will be carried over.
  • The development site is upgraded to the requested version. Any complications encountered will be addressed in the development environment before live application.
  • Development site is analyzed for functionality and we’ll wait until you have time to verify everything is performing as intended.
  • Following your confirmation, a support technician will schedule a move of the upgraded store in place of the live site.


  • Community Upgrade

  • $200.00/one-time
    • $200 is the base price per Magento minor release (i.e v1.4 -> v1.5)
    • 2 hours of technician time
    • $85 for each additional hour

  • Enterprise Upgrade

  • $650.00/one-time
    • $650 is the base price per EE Magento minor release (i.e v1.9 -> v1.10)
    • 4 hours of technician time
    • $85 for each additional hour

Please note

1. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify theme and extension compatibility with the target Magento release.

2. AlphaHosting does not offer development, theme modification, or custom code debugging services.

3. Magento upgrades are addressed in the order in which they are received. A technician will be able to approximate a timeline for upgrades and their completion.

Questions? Contact our sales team for help!